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"Patience is a virtue"
A Free Gallery byTeen Dreams in Yound and Beautiful Posted 6 months ago
Models in this gallery: Talia Mint
"I guess you could call it a latex fetish," says slim Ukrainian brunette Talia Mint, giggling. "But with a difference." She demonstrates, trailing a brightly colored balloon over her naked body. "There's a huge party store near my apartment," she explains, "with an entire section for balloons. One day, I went a little crazy – bought some to decorate my place, cheer it up. It wasn't even for a party... but I ended up having a little party with myself. I blew up this gigantic round pink balloon, and I got the urge to hug it. It felt so good – so soft yet firm." Her hands caress her small, beautiful breasts, rolling her nipples between her fingers as she recalls it. "I got naked, and the feel of the latex against my skin... smooth but kinda sticky. I suddenly understood why people get kinky for it. Next thing, I'm rubbing it against my shaved pussy – there was so much friction and I came so very hard. Then I let the air out and directed it at my slit – it felt like someone going down, blowing gently on my pussy. I went back to the store and bought some big, long balloons, so I could ride them cowgirl-style – my favorite position. I have to blow them up really huge, so there's a risk they might..." Go pop? "Yeah." She laughs, and there's a little quiver of excitement, too. "But that just adds to the thrll." Download the full nude gallery.
Download the full nude gallery
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