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Feather And Lace byTeen Dreams in Yound and Beautiful Posted 6 months ago
Models in this gallery: Avery
Feather And Lace
So sweet, Avery is sitting legs crossed on the floor in see-through lace lingerie, toying with a white feather. The beautiful brunette smiles brightly as she strokes her feather over her lips. Lying back, she runs the feather under her chin, her knees up. The feather winds its way down her body to her thighs as her knees fall open. Her smile never leaves her pretty face as she lies there, deftly tugging down her underwear to expose her soft breasts. The dreamboat rolls over onto her belly, kicking her feet up behind her, reaching over her peachy ass cheeks to unbutton her lingerie at the crotch and pull it open. Watching over her shoulder, she smiles as she offers a glimpse of her pussy in the shadows between her thighs. And then she rolls over onto her back and spreads her legs wide open, her smooth shaved pussy, lips pink and slim, fully exposed. Download the full nude gallery.
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